In today’s fast-paced world, we accept that not all of our customers have the time to travel to car dealers, checking out every car they’ve found on the internet. There is no delivery charge if we are delivering within 25 miles. For deliveries further than 25 miles, we simply charge £1 per extra mile over and above the 25 miles (so for a delivery of 75 miles, we will charge just £50). We understand fully that before buying a car, all you really want to know is that you are getting a good deal and that the car is prepared to the best possible standards (especially on a car you haven’t seen). Because of this, all of our cars come exactly as advertised regarding specification, condition, ownership, service history and MOT.


When you are buying a car remotely, it’s important that you are given enough time to ensure it’s the right car for you. For this reason we give you up to 7 days to ensure you are happy with it. If for any reason it’s not for you, as long as it is within 7 days from taking delivery, we will collect it, end any finance agreement and give you a refund, all that you will be liable to pay is any administration and delivery fees you may have paid.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please call Prestige Cars Agent on 07563801795 / 07563801796 or email


Once you’re interested in reserving a vehicle for delivery, we start by talking you round the car of interest by phone as if you were looking at it yourself. We describe the car in details including any stone chips, etc. If you prefer, we can send additional photos or have a ‘FaceTime’ video call with you, to ensure the car is exactly what you had imagined when it arrives. If we haven’t already added a video of the car to our YouTube channel then we are able to email a link to a video appraisal, usually within a few hours of your first contact.

We have been delivering cars since we started our company in 2016 and have never yet returned with a car! It has to happen at some point, and when it does, we guarantee to refund your reservation fee prior to our driver’s departure. We have a very simple philosophy when it comes to delivering cars — don’t attempt to deliver a car that has not been described properly!

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